Dirty Deals are Being Hidden From You

Recently, Kennesaw State University (KSU) has been offered land in Bartow County.  This land would provide KSU the opportunity to have an off-campus site for many uses that could aid in the education of its students.  However, after discovering the hidden, gruesome details of the previous land owner (Corra May White Harris) some professors spoke out against the acquisition, only to be ignored by the administration.  Corra May White Harris is a renowned Georgian writer who launched her career in 1899 with an article in The Independent (a then-national newspaper published out of New York) called "A Southern Woman's View" in response to an editorial in the same paper that spoke out against the lynching of Sam Hose a month prior.  Harris' stance countered that of her editor's, with white supremacist ideals and graphic details.  We will be providing more information as this story unfolds.  We have heard stories of blatant lies and undercover deals.  We plan to inform as many as we can to keep this atrocious deal from going through because of the way the truth was hidden, and the students and the experts were kept from knowing about the acquisition.
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